my name is Tony Stark

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About Me

I enjoy bringing structure to the unstructured through programming, creativity and leadership.


2007 - Present
Equifax Workforce Solutions provides insightful human capital solutions for the HR, payroll, tax and compliance needs of today's employers
  • Architect for three business lines:
    • Compliance Center
    • Tax Credits & Incentives
    • Onboarding
  • Define and communicate vision, technical solutions and guidance
  • Currently, Lead Architect in a multi-year project to create a Compliance Center portal to connect 3 existing product lines using Angular JS, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and REST Based Services
  • Architect and Lead Developer for 6 month project resulting in over $10 MM in revenue in one year
  • Co-Architect and Senior Developer for rewrite of all external product line applications for Tax Credits & Incentives using Model View Controller (MVC), SOA and REST Based Services
  • Work with other Architects to define, test and communicate Corporate Standards and Catalog Items
Technology / Methodology
Angular JS, MVC, ASP .NET Web Forms, ASP Classic
Bootstrap, Material CSS, CSS, SASS, LESS, jQuery, Telerik (Kendo)
Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), WCF, Web API, REST Based Services, OAuth 2
.NET Frameworks 1.1 - 4.6.2, C#, VB .NET
SQL Server 2005 - 2014, SSRS, SSIS, Oracle
Agile (Scrum, Kanban, SAFe Scaled Agile)
Amplified Development, Inc.
2001 - 2016
President / CEO, Architect
Internet and Microsoft Windows® application development and consulting
  • The company specialized in large projects, project turnarounds, technology ports (wide scale refresh) and IT Leadership consulting
  • Personally, I concentrated on Management, Architecture and Technical Pre-Sales
  • Managed Amplified Development consulting staff of ~5
  • Managed clients' IT staff as large as 15 (as staff augmentation for CIO, Director or Architect)
  • Key Projects:
    • Electronic Medical Records (EMR) System
    • Banking Software (Teller and New Accounts) Migration from ASP 3 to ASP .NET within 2 month period
    • Complete rewrite for several leading Multi-Level Marketing companies
    • Donation Management System for non-profits and contributors
Technology / Methodology
MVC, ASP .NET Web Forms, PHP
Drupal, Joomla, DNN, Microsoft Great Plains, Microsoft Dynamics
.NET Compact Framework
Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), WCF
.NET Frameworks 2 - 4.6.1, C#, VB .NET
SQL Server 2000 - 2012, MySQL, Oracle
Agile (Scrum), Waterfall
American Railcar Industries
2006 - 2007
Technical Lead, Senior .NET Developer
Provides railcar production, maintenance and fleet management to North America with over $800 million in annual revenue.
  • Technical Lead / Senior Developer on both the Railcar Leasing and Railcar Management teams
  • Rewrite of Relational Database Model and Data Access Layer
  • Specifically responsible for authentication & authorization module (ASP .NET Forms Based Authentication)
Technology / Methodology
ASP .NET Web Forms
.NET Frameworks 2 - 3, C#, VB .NET
SQL Server 2005, SSRS
Avanade (Microsoft / Accenture)
Technical Designer
Avanade, a joint venture between Microsoft and Accenture, is a solution provider using the Microsoft ecosystem
  • Started as developer for the Election Management System (Electronic Voting)
  • Was promoted to Technical Designer within 2 months
  • Designed the Calendar module for the Election Management System
  • Was promoted to the Election Dependency module team, which was one of the core teams
  • Member of the Shared Libraries team - this team writes the Microsoft Enterprise Library framework
Technology / Methodology
C# Windows Forms
Distributed Systems
.NET Frameworks 2, C#
SQL Server 2005
Product 4
2003 - 2006
Technical Lead, Senior .NET Developer, Technical Implementations Manager
Provides branch automation solutions for Tellers, New Accounts, Customer Care, Call Centers and Loans.
  • Technical Leadership for about 10 developers across all application development
  • Designed a distributed .NET Windows Forms application suite that supported hundreds of banks with thousands of branches
  • Designed and implemented the first cumulative Large Currency Deposit monitoring feature in the industry. Multiple smaller deposits across different branches would be flagged if cumulatively they were above $10,000
  • Senior Developer for first two major versions of the Teller application
  • Designed and implemented hardware interfaces (i.e. Printers, MICR Readers, Cash Dispensers, etc.)
  • Designed and automated deployment of the application suite for installation at thousands of bank branches
  • Managed preparation for and on-site installations nationwide
  • Technical Pre-Sales for all market sizes
  • Led engagement with Microsoft Professional Services (augmented architecture, load testing, system documentation)
Technology / Methodology
VB.NET Windows Forms
Distributed Systems, .NET Remoting
.NET Frameworks 1.1 - 2, VB .NET
SQL Server 2000 - 2005
Electro-Core, Inc.
2001 - 2003
Senior .NET Developer, IT Manager
International multi-million dollar company which manufactures silicon steel cores for use in the electromagnetic industry
  • Architect and Lead Developer for .NET Windows Forms CRM application
  • Migrated existing system from FoxPro for UNIX to .NET (starting in .NET 1.0)
  • Implemented geometry models for best packing arrangement algorithms
  • Managed two developers
  • Managed contractors for Hardware / Networking
  • Led major upgrades from UNIX machines to PCs, Wireless Networks and Handheld Devices throughout the premises
Technology / Methodology
VB.NET Windows Forms
FoxPro, Microsoft Great Plains
.NET Compact Framework
.NET Frameworks 1 - 1.1, VB .NET
SQL Server 2000 - 2012, MySQL, Oracle
Agile (Scrum), Waterfall


  • 2014

    Carnegie Melon University - Software Engineering Institute

    Software Architecture: Principles & Practices
    Software Architecture Design and Analysis
    Architecture Tradeoff Analysis Method (ATAM) Evaluator
    Documenting Software Architectures

  • 2007

    Microsoft Certification

    MCPD (Microsoft Certified Professional Developer)
    MCTS Web Applications (Microsoft Certified Technical Specialist)
    MCTS Windows Development
    MCTS Distributed Applications

  • 2001

    East Central College

  • 2000

    Ozark Christian College


SOA (REST, Web API, WCF, Microservices)
.NET Framework (C#, ASP.NET, MVC)
Data Persistence (SQL, Oracle, Neo4j Graph DB)
Distributed Systems
Infrastructure (Networking, Load Balancing, DR)
CI/CD (Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment)
Agile (Scrum, Kanban, SAFe Scaled Agile)
Responsive (Bootstrap, Material CSS)
AngularJS (1 & 2)
OAuth 2